Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Amazon Sales Tax in Connectishit - Nov 1,0,3027428.story

To start this rant lets look at exactly what "sales tax" is, aside a MASSIVE mob like protection extortion.

Sales Tax History - Wiki

Use Tax

Some how the government always has to find a way to seem like it has facilitated the sale.

States claim a few reasons to start charging sales tax online.

  1. Local businesses suffer due to unfair competition in cost
  2. Consumers tend to go to stores and test products then just buy online to avoid sales tax
  3.  Taxes are used to pay for civil services and needed.
Well lets look at this situation

  1. Most businesses will price match even amazon now. Also man of these businesses are the giant corporate ones (best buy, walmart, target, home depot, etc). It has been shown these businesses are FAR more detrimental to "local businesses" then Amazon. So what you are saying really is that Amazon hurts these giant conglomerates who use every trick to avoid EVERY other tax known to man. Heres a better idea. STOP CHARGING SALES TAX! The government did not give me a ride to the store, they didn't give me a tip to go buy it, they didn't review it and honestly the consumer protection dept is a complete fucking JOKE, trust me I KNOW. There is in no way the government is involved with my sale. They say its a tax for use and storage in the state.... well isn't the tax paid on the property used? Isn't tax on the shipping applied (trucks and gas?). What more do they want. Besides these charging me a tax doesn't help the local business. ONLY stopping sales tax would. The actual product I am buying is coming from China half the time anyway. I JUST bought a new armband for working out. To buy the same item in a local store is 20$ (Walmart), buying from a seller on Amazon who is in the US was about 12$-15$. Sorry but the Chinese one was 2$ with free shipping. How can you beat that. "Oh but you are hurting your economy", NO NO NO, the government is hurting our economy. One reason our prices are so high is because our costs are so high. This included taxes. Yes it would be great to support our economy but how can you do that when it costs so much to live here that even BS simple items like an armband are such a luxury purchase? We need to be rid of sales tax. Big businesses hurt locals more than Amazon, remember that.
  2. Yes we do this... tough noogies. I will keep doing it because it's STILL cheaper to buy it online, plus I don't have to pay for gas because shipping is usually free. Don't like it then stop letting me play with your toys. Best Buy is the dorky friend everyone hangs with because he has a Nintendo. Again If there was no sales tax then I would prob buy it there.
  3. BWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? What services? Hypothetically property taxes are supposed to be used to pay for local government services such as roads, parks/recs, city expenditures. Income taxes and such pay for government funded programs. So where does a sales tax fall? Official Salaries? Honestly we have a super bloated useless government (shutdown), maybe we need to trim some of that fat. Maybe you are just showing "us" you have ZERO idea how to manage and cut back. In CT alone Malloy has pissed away money on some bizarre things. 
Funny how liberal retards in CT will march over guns but god forbid marching on something that "matters".
 You left wing loonies let Malloy raise the gas tax and now CT is charging online sales tax. We already pay exorbitant property taxes as everything else around us goes up. I just paid TEN BUCKS for a salt water fishing permit?????!!!!! Did the CT gov stock the ocean when I wasn't aware??? What the FUCK am I being charged for???????

I hate Connectishit!

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