Monday, October 28, 2013

American Horror Story - Episode 3

As many of you (like the two of you who may read this), I never watch these shows when they're on since I don't have cablo so I get them secondary.


This season on ep 3 seems to have picked up the pace a bit but seriously I Just don't see where it's going.
Guess its early. All in all I don't have any complaints EXCEPT the Minotaur stuff.

1) Why is he still a Minotaur? Didn't he get saved by his voodoo witch girlfriend? Did he do something to her? And WHY would you get mixed up with someone who could even remotely possibly turn you into a man bull????? I barely trust eating food my girl prepares for me and often swap plates when she turns her head!

2) Is poor Precious just type cast into odd fat girl abused roles now? Did she REALLY need to pleasure herself on camera and try to seduce the Minotaur? Was it pushing the envelope? Was it just to push her envelope? Is she just destined to be cast in abusive rapey scenes?

Well ce sera I suppose.

Still waiting for a Stevie Nicks cameo.

Also who didn't see the mommy sex abuse coming? I did miles away.

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