Tuesday, October 15, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3 - First ep review

Is it me or did this season opener seem to take the original American Horror Story and turn it into a possible "Twilight" rehash?

I will say the opener about Delphine LaLaurie was very graphic and quite horrible. The stories of her in truth range from complete urban legend to one of the most cruel and tortuous people ever next to Vlad the Impaler.

It started off like this was going to be a truly "horrific" season. Then entered the entire plot about the Xavier school for witches and the girls needing to learn to use their powers. Then follow it with the girl who can not "love" because her cooter kills your brain.

Yes it did have some pretty graphic sexual material but it still seemed overly cheesy even for American Horror Story.

The entire "hey let's all explain our powers in 5 minutes" dinner was just awkward and douchey and wreaked of poor writing. "Im a human voodoo doll bitch!", "Yes we all know you're clairvoyant."

And really is instant AIDS death Aneurism really a witch power? They really did set this up to show Taissa F will become the new "Supreme".

All in all I love the concept of the show in general. I have a fear this season might be a little weak but who knows a few episodes in might surprise me.

We know there is witch craft, voodoo, and a bit of alchemy so perhaps when these 3 magics collide shit can hit the fan.

Also I wonder if there are going to be any warlocks.....?

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