Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KINGO ROOT - Android

So I still have my old free Nexus S. I am waiting until some reviews on the Nexus 5 to get a new phone because I missed the boat on the 200$ Nexus 4 and I'm too much an ass to resign a contract with AT&T to get a phone rebate.

Honestly It just erks me that a cell phone (smart phone) is ACTUALLY a 600$+ device but yet its the only one we as a society throw away after a year like its fucking garbage.

It's a very expensive piece of machinery and you wouldn't toss your HDTV out every year if Comcast gave you a rebate on a new one to stay locked in with them for two years, right? Well I wouldn't.

Anyway in the advent of making my cute little phone last a bit longer I decided to once again try and update my ROM to a 4.3 based rom. I am already rooted so it is as easy as download, reboot, install, and enjoy.

Problem is the last like 7 times I tried this none worked well, so I waited a bit for a more stable version or two to try it again.

I thought I had found a decent one but after installing the rom I rebooted only to find I had no more Root access.

This seriously fucked me since I have no power button on the phone anymore (known Nexus S flaw) and could not reboot again to recovery to fix. I couldn't get a proper super user on there to activate root and couldnt get ADB access to try and force into recovery.

Anyway after some searching I found Kingo Root.

This app is friggin awesome. It not only installed the needed drivers but LITERALLY took care of the entire root process once I plugged it in.

I would reccomend this to anyone interested in rooting their Android device but too scared to try ADB or one of the One Clicks out there.

Give it a shot, if you hate root then just unroot..... THANK YOU

I had to send them a contact email thanking them it worked so well for my situation. 

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