Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is the End – Review

So a buddy and I went with high hopes to watch This is The End.
If you don’t know the story just look it up anywhere but Wiki to avoid spoilers… But really in the end there is not much to be spoiled.

I liked the idea the guys all played themselves, or mainly exaggerated versions of the average characters they play in other things (aside Franko of course) but the movie around that was just dry at times. Playing themselves was great but it also again just seemed like every other character they ever played so at times it was pretty predictable. 

The entire plot of the end of the world was great but the sub story of Seth and Jay could have honestly been nonexistent and the movie would have played out the same. At times it even felt strained aside a few jokes such as when Jay and Craig end up in another house.

I will say there were some funny parts without giving too much away such as what happens to Jonas Hill and the 2 film nods it gave (Rosemary’s Baby and Exorcist). Danny McBride was funny but again only as the exaggerated nonchalant asshole he usually is in things yet his final scene in both parts of the films were particularly good, especially his gimp (pay attention to the first part of the film entering the party to get it).

Michael Cera was great in the beginning and almost every scene he had was hysterical but only because it was all push to the limits stuff you would never see him doing. I WOULD have loved a scene with him punching Jesse Eisenberg for being basically a clone of himself.
Honestly there is so little in this review because even thought so much went on in the film so little also happened. 

All in all if you must see this do a Matinee but if you can wait until video do because you’re not missing anything by not seeing it on the big screen.

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