Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Colt Arms looking to leave CT! - Thanks CT you asses!

So a company that employs around 700 people in CT is looking to leave. Colt arms.
So lefty CT who will be paying for these fine people when they are out of work now? OH WAIT ME!

Malloy you fuck tard did you not think they were serious when these manufacturers threatened to leave CT angry at your spineless bending over and lube-less penetration from anti gun groups?

How do YOU and the whiney sniveling droves of people who clamored for this now plan to pay these people's bills and unemployment? OH RAISE MORE TAXES? Because CT is not rife with jobless slackers milking the system now right? I'm not talking about the unemployed from this horrid economy I'm talking about the lazy good for nothings that CT doles out to who can but choose not to work. This state is the easiest to get on disability and decide you just don't want to work.
Don't like the 9-5, well just claim depression and have everyone else pay yo way!

You now have to figure out where you will get the extra revenue from these businesses paid in taxes, figure our where these people will work, and get other businesses in, maybe we can get that company that manufactures not manufacturing guns instead!!

NO COMPANY decides to come TO CT, it's just to damn expensive.

I SWEAR I want to sue this state to buy my homes so I can also move somewhere more sensible down south like GA where my sis lives.... CT blows, it's run by morons, and filled with leeches.

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