Friday, June 28, 2013

Salary comparison - us to them


1 EARNER  -  $57,154
2 PEOPLE -    $71,400


Malloy and friends pay

Executive Office Personnel FY-11 Salaries Annualized January 21, 2011


Full-Time Staff
Tim         Bannon                Chief of Staff     $150,000.00

David     Bednarz               Deputy Press Secretary $47,500.00

Michael                Caplet   Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs    $60,000.00

Michael                Christ    Legislative Liaison            $85,000.00

James   Desantos             Legislative Liaison            $85,000.00

Elizabeth              Donohue             Director of Policy              $89,000.00

Colleen Flanagan              Director of Communications       $98,000.00

Aaron    Frankel Staff Assistant   $40,000.00

Jamal     Gatling  Fiscal Administrative Officer        $43,497.00

C. Zack  Hyde     Scheduler            $45,000.00

Anthony              Jannotta              Legal Counsel    $110,000.00

Denise  Jones    Director of Constituent Services                $75,000.00

Dannel  Malloy  Governor            $150,000.00

Juliet     Manalan              Press Secretary $60,000.00

Michael                Mandell               Legislative Aide $40,000.00

Andrew                McDonald           General Counsel              $160,000.00

Roy        Occhiogrosso     Senior Advisor   $160,000.00

Melissa Perez    Constituency Aide           $44,616.00

Arielle   Reich     Director of Intergovernmental Affairs / Special Assistant to the Governor             $80,000.00

MaryEllen            Riding    Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff                $75,000.00

Linda     Sandiaes              Constituency Aide           $43,602.00

Laura     Stefon  Executive Aide to the General Counsel  $55,000.00

Melissa Stine      Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions       $38,110.00

Shirley  Surgeon               Staff Assistant   $40,000.00

Natalie  Wagner                Deputy Legal Counsel    $85,000.00

Julie       Williams               Director of Washington D.C. Office          $86,948.00

Alvin      Wilson  Director of Operations   $92,000.00

Part-Time Staff

Kelley    Jacobson             Staff Assistant   $24,469.00

Most of these people make the salary of the 2 household income. Must be easy to raise taxes and give out free programs on the working citizens backs when you are paid so nicely.... I PERSONALLY wouldn't know though.

What happens when all of our factory jobs move down south?
Also did you hear about the Sikorsky layoffs????? 



Also I hear Malloy proposed to start a statewide property tax, SO THOSE OF US who worked our asses off to acquire rental property and a personal home now get to pay taxes on those FOUR TIMES.... Malloy you're a fuck tard.
The car tax exemption is a sham as well. It will never go through and towns threaten to raise property taxes. Ct has gotten itself into this black whole of utter consumption of the middle class. We started unnecessary services, hiring unneeded people to perform them and now we have to be taxed for these when we dont really want them YET you cant be rid of them because then hundreds go out of work.

Cities themselves here need to learn to scrap by. We have new technology thats very CHEAP schools could be using. Text books should be online ONLY. By doing this even students at home due to sicknes could continue their work.
 By using computers in the class we don't have the fear of school property being lost. I'm talking COMPUTERS not tablets. When home students could log into portals to view their work and class material. This could reduce costs of actual school property, storage, damage, ETC. A fucking Raspberry Pi is 25$.... set them up at desks to use.

Sorry but school sports should be payed for by the people interested in them, not by a budget. The parents, faculty and staff should donate. Tax payers should not bear the brunt for sport programs. If we do then ANYONE in them needs to maintain a B average. Too many dumb kids gets rewarded just for being good at sports.

The DMV? GET RID OF IT, do it online. In fact half the crap the DMV does is pointless. Turn them into old people and basic call centers. Let me do it all via the web.

Welfare programs..... NEED TO GO. Make them completely temporary.  Single mother? You get help on ONE KID! If you can't keep your legs closed them make a hard choice. Go get fixed, I would be happy to put tax money towards that. Spay and Neuter your pets!

ALL STATE WORKERS (CITY TOO) need a pay cap, and the ones now are to high. Sorry when you take a municipal job you basically just got a lotto ticket. Most jobs are horrid union jobs that are filled with the biggest morons around who cant be fired after it's found they're morons.
Anyone even politicians should be capped. Govenors should NOT make $150,000 a year! In fact your pay should be capped and relate to the job you do.

Cities themselves need to make stern cuts as well. You claim the removal of a car tax will financially hurt you, well why? Almost every other state does perfectly fine without them, WHY DO YOUUUUUUUUU need them?
Pay your people less, get rid of bulk crap you don't need and stop paying lazy people to sit at home and pump out kids.

Welfare is our THIRD biggest expense. The other 2 are education and health care..... both also tied to welfare for people having unwanted kids and then bringing them to the hospital with no insurance.

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