Monday, January 9, 2012

YUDU review: update 1-23-2012

Well for my birthday my girl got me a YUDU. Oddly I may have mentioned once "wow that looks neat" and it must have stuck with her but  I'm a creative person so I am sure to have loads of fun spouting obscenities to the world on my chest..
For those who don’t know the yudu is an “all-in-one” home screen printing machine.  This is not something that you’re going to run professional prints on and start selling homemade tee’s online. This is a simple hobby toy to make some neat one or two color prints. There is a multi-step process and one mess up can send you back to square one both costing you time and precious supplies, and let me tell you supplies on this machine are not cheap.
The machine comes with one transparency sheet for creating your image to go on the shirt. This is what you print the image on with your printer to burn into your screen.
Comes with two emulsion sheets which are complete shit.  Mine were both damaged out of the box with horrible creases in them which caused both my attempts to spider web wasting them. On top of that these are light sensitive sheets so you have to be very careful. The first sheet I used in, “I guess”, an over lit room and it kind of crapped out on me. I expected to waste one in trial so I did the second in a border pitch black room and it came out worse.  Not to mention it seems I just can’t get the dampness right on the screen to adhere the sheet. I ran the dryer system twice and even used a blow dryer but it just didn’t seem to want to dry. The second one I pretty much had to leave in the machine over night for it to dry fully. At roughly 10$ a sheet this isn’t something you want to blow off lightly. I was pissed.  This will take some research to perfect so be prepared to hit “the Google” for tips, I did.

Here's some time saving info and tips to hopefully get you better off than me.
The emulsion sheets are complete crap. Don’t waste your time with them. After some research I found this product and vid. I have ordered it but even if I mess a few up at least its dirt cheap and I won’t care.
Liquid Emulsion
The prices there weren’t so hot to me so upon further research I decided to order from here, where you can get the scooper, the emulsion, and 25 transparencies for 50$ instead of the 70$ from the first link.
The first link has a great vid though so I wanted to leave it there and first so you know what you’re getting into.
Now don’t expect to be running fancy multi colored photo quality designs off this thing. Screen printing isn’t really about that anyway. Your basically going to do mostly single color (black) words and silhouette images, to me though this is great since I’m not a huge fan of colors; even my tattoos are all grey.
You can find the machine for under 200$ now in most stores and honestly if you can get it right it does a good job, and you can always hit Old Navy for cheap Tees to print on. Run some tests first on cheapy hanes tho to be safe.

Anyone else have any good tips?

Update:  Got my materials from and they are awesome. Also their site has TONS of vids to show you what the hell your supposed to do. Will put up my first shirt soon.

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