Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm sorry but I find something slightly funny about this. I honestly think though the guy is borderline retarded he didn't truly mean harm and was just so worried about his own little world he wasn't thinking. Unfortunately if we're paying you, you'd better be smarter than me and I just don't think you make the cut.

Let me role play what should have been said here
Reporter: "and how will you support the latino community after these arrests?"
Mayor - ME: "Assist the FBI in whatever will expedite their investigation to the best of their abilities"

Tell you what this will blow over and become a big joke in about 2 weeks but man its going to be funny till then. In fact I made a tee shirt about it. With MY YUDU, read review below.
One good thing for not being in politics, I can pretty much be as racist as "I" want!

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