Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kid bullied to leave school because he wasn't 'black enough'

I grew up in Bridgeport CT. I was a smaller white kid and let me tell you for a non minority student this shit is rampart in the schools BUT it goes unnoticed because no one wants to be "racists" against the "poor minorities" but hell if it's OKAY TO HATE US WHITES

(or in this case Hispanics who act white.... which c'mon are the best kind. I thought my woman was Italian when I met her for like 6 months; shhhhhh I still sometimes tell people she is). Growing up in grade school was a bit tough with black kids and their ignorant, "derp your grandparents owned mine" attitudes, "hey stupid your grandparents are 200 years old? Never mind the fact all mine are from Italy!", But that never got through their dense, just want to be ass hole heads. What was worse is I could point fingers at a few teachers who acted the same way. It wasn't until high school where I started to sprout up and stack on weight that things started to change. I met some good friends who in a group relished in the fact of being "openly white" and made fun of the wiggers (yes we would say wigger, with our PR and Black friends around).The ONLY advice I could say to these kids is when one says "cracker, or what not", say thanks then proceed to let them know when they get older and all the affirmative action slots are filled you'll still be able to get a job. Then proceed to lift your fists and take a whoopin because, one they'll be pissed (if they even know what you're talking about), and two they never fight alone (or run like hell). Once you get a stout attitude of what you are and don't act ashamed of it things get much better and your fucked with much less, almost appreciated for it.
More acknowledgement anti white racism needs to come out in inner city schools because honestly I think it starts at these kids homes with their reeny parents and won't stop. When a black kid brings up 200 years of slavery that neither of you lived through here's one simple thing to say to them to shut them up.
"Jews were slaves in like every nation for 2000 years and almost exterminated in WW2. There were like SEVEN left and you don't hear them bitching and causing inner city crime do you? Stop Whining!"
Okay now for the bigger question! Why the hell we're there black kids in a magnet school?! Nah I'm kidding....   .

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