Monday, November 25, 2013

So if you are attacked and white, no hate crime for you

Just attack white people, you'll be out in 3 months, it's cool!
Hell they die and you only get a year and a half, maybe 6 months with good behavior

BUT watch out attacking Jews cause they get actual justice.

Really every SINGLE white person who was sucker punched by some little black punk needs to DEMAND the attacker be charged with a hate crime. Start picketing, start mobbing, make a scene and some noise. The more the idiots get off easy the more they will be doing this.

Can I ask at what point did black kids become so low on the social ladder that we just "expect" this behavior. At what point did society get so frustrated and jails so full of them that we can't even afford to charge a hate crime status because they will be locked away for to long. I mean is jail just another form of welfare for them?

I'm getting to the point where I honestly think that the more your race makes up the prison population the more they should be expedited to death row and executed. Once your over 1/3 the total, the worst offenders are then instantly executed to make room for you. Then hopefully you will get killed in prison for getting someones buddy executed and hey everyone wins!
Yay ME!

I SWEAR a black kid would get hate crime status knock out gaming another black kid before a white person today.
Not to mention the guy is probably Muslim. So its muslim on Jew not black on white they even care about.

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