Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Guy - Death of Brian

You people are fucking retarded if you think he's actually dead. For one there are future episodes with him. Flashbacks maybe but I doubt it.

Secondly aside the Time machine being dismantled there is cloning, multiverse (lest we forget the episode in Vegas where both a Stewie AND Brian died?), and a multitude of other ways he can be returned; THEY KNOW DEATH!
I mean it's been a while since death has been on the show and it would be a nice return.

Let's also not forget that this new dog is mafioso type. His first words were "Throw a stick and I may bring it back or I may bring you an iphone off a truck". Who's to say he won't help Stewie get the parts for the time machine.

People saying they will never watch the show again are falling right into their plans, just relax and get the tampon out of your butts.

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