Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wow that's desperate! Double edged post

Well this is sort of a double edged post. In one it's a review for a great little app on the play store called audio evolution.
I downloaded the free version of course to test and once I got to feel its system I thought, this is the app for me and at the price it's perfect. 
I'm a bass player, write lyrics and dabble with drums so I needed something to record with. I do have Sonar for the PC but honestly for my recording purposes, time, etc I wanted something portable and being I'm an android person I do not get he luxury of Apples full on recording suite, so when life gives you lemons you make lemonade.
I did a lot of research and played with a few apps, four tracks being one and this came out on top. It's very similar to Cakewalk and Sonar which I have some experience with and depending on the device (for me either my N7 or Nexus S) it's actually very capable at doing nice amateur recordings, though if you watch some videos online people do end up making some crazy shit with this app. Hope I'm that level soon.
Anyway Android still has latency issues of course and this app does give some directions and settings for latency correction but to me to the easiest way to do this is to just move your next track manually back a frame or so. I've been wanting to build a new website for my music and writing and I think this is the app to get me rolling.
On the side of the dev, I had to email him a suggestion and question and he got back super fast so that's always good in my book, and he gave me a nice tip that USB recording is being added to future releases so the ability to plug an external mixer in and get really seamless recordings will be awesome.

NOW this leads to me my second half.
Anyone who has read at least 3 sentences in most posts should realize I think social media is the bane of our existence. I love blogs and the web but honestly there is something so lacking and effortless in social media. It's the lowest form of self glamorization. Yes most people claim it's a way to keep in touch with "those people" whom you avoid 99% of the time but if that's the case just let them go. They aren't your friends.
For anyone who is your true blue physical friend you have countless other ways to contact them which are much more sincere.
Sharing what you had at lunch, what your outfit today is and how many dumps you took through a facebook page is actually even shallow by my standards.
Now when I went to rate the app mentioned above let me say Google shot itself in the foot. I received this message.
Are you really that desperate google to grow your feeble attempt to take on facebook? If it was not that then you would still just allow me to use my gmail to rate but you don't, you try to force me to join + so I can tell Dev's what great or horrible jobs they're doing. Before I can warn or assist other people on whether to buy an app or not. You honestly let me down google. I know you don't care but truthfully this was a pretty shit thing to do and wreaks of horrid desperation to try and make yourself forcefully relevant to those who prefer to stay away from the social media fad (please be a fad, would facebook just die).

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