Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dead Space 3 Trailer

Let me say I am super excited as having beaten the first 2 and with coop I think this game can be fantastic.

Ive only have one grip with the series. The metamorphosis of Issac Clark from everyman to a super stud action star.

Not just in mentality but looks.

This is Isaac in the ending of Dead Space 1 and the only time you see his face. Aside that you rarely hear his voice. The fact then when his helmet came off and he looked more like chubby faced balding dude just trying to make ends meet. It made him relate-able, root-able and actually even a bit more heroic.

This is Isaac now apparently after lipo, a massive hair transplant and apparently an eye shade change (didn't even know that was possible). Let me say comparatively to the first you couldn't get his dumb ass to shut the fuck up in the second one either.

Honestly wish they kept him the same way as the first cause I can only imagine he will look like THIS in 3

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